Intercepting ocean-bound plastics from eThekwini rivers, estuaries and waterways to create environmental and social benefit.

Support our labour-intensive project that captures plastic waste before it gets to the ocean! Just R100 can prevent 10 rubbish bags of harmful plastic waste from poisoning marine and terrestrial environments. Or contact us if your organisation wishes to partner with us on this high-impact project.

Over 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean around the world every year. According to international data, Durban is a significant contributor to this environmental catastrophe. An estimated one million birds, 100,000 turtles, and countless other sea animals die each year from ingesting plastic, starvation and strangling.

Our project model supports unemployed and disadvantaged waste entrepreneurs to collect post-consumer plastic packaging from streams and water courses and facilitates onward selling to the recycling value chain. Collections and removal of plastic waste is also supported by a network of litter booms and litter traps that we have placed at strategic locations along some of Durban’s waterways.

We have capacity to provide supervision, logistical support and quality assurance to collection activities and seek to empower collectors to participate in the formal waste management and recycling sectors.

Please consider supporting this ground breaking project.

If you wish to contribute via EFT, please use the reference #cleandurban (and your name)

Banking details: Durban Green Corridors | Nedbank | Acc: 1119504066 | Branch: Overport City (131326)

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#Durbanstorm appeal update

The #Durbanstorm during October 2017 caused havoc across the City. We made an urgent appeal to the public to donate to an emergency clean-up of some of the worst hit beaches and estuaries.

There was an amazing response from over one hundred concerned citizens and businesses. As a result, our clean-up operation prevented over 3,000 bags of plastic waste from entering the ocean during October and November.

We would like to express our gratitude in particular to the community of surfski paddlers and ocean swimmers who contributed so generously to the emergency appeal. We would also like to thank for its generous contribution and for its participation in a clean-up event

The operation was highly successful but it is acknowledged that this level of effort will need to continue for a number of years until waste management infrastructure, social norms and industry innovation transform the plastics economy. We invite all supporters of this project to consider making a donation or contacting us to arrange a monthly debit order to support the project.

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